Forum 2000 conference to continue after late president Václav Havel’s death


The annual Forum 2000 conference, which was co-founded by the late Czech president Václav Havel, will continue taking place after Mr. Havel’s death. The director of the Forum 2000 conference, Oldřich Černý, said that the late president’s legacy will retain its importance. He added that it remains to be seen how often the conference will take place and what form it will take. Forum 2000 will also be collaborating with the Václav Havel Library, he said.

The Forum 2000 conferences have been held in Prague since 1997, bringing prominent thought leaders, Nobel laureates, and former and acting politicians to the Czech capital. Among the conference’s speakers in the past were the Dalai Lama, Shimon Peres and Bill Clinton. Its mission is to map the globalization process and to note its positive results as well as the perils encountered by an increasingly interconnected world.