Flooding continues to cause problems in many areas of Moravia


Flooding has continued to cause serious problems in many parts of Moravia. Around 3,500 homes were without electricity on Tuesday, while train services have been halted in some places. Much of the southern Moravian town of Troubky, which was devastated by floods in 1997, is under water and many local people have been evacuated. While some rivers continue to rise, others have started to go down and there is a danger of landslides in some places as the waters recede. The floods have claimed one victim to date, a woman of 69 who drowned in her garden in Třinec on Sunday after the River Olše burst its banks. Police in Ostrava were called to deal with cases of looting of flooded buildings on Tuesday. After days of downpours in the east of the Czech Republic, rain is expected to ease off on Wednesday.

The Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer has discussed the possibility of sharing resources to deal with the flooding with his counterparts in neighbouring Poland and Slovakia, which have also been affected. After an emergency meeting on Monday the Czech government said it was sending 800 soldiers to help with the clear up.