Fischer: interim ministers standing in general elections would be unusual


The Czech prime minister, Jan Fischer, says he would regard it as an unusual step if any ministers in his caretaker cabinet stood in general elections in May. Speaking on a TV debate show on Sunday, Mr Fischer said however that such a candidature would be a “tax” for the fact his government will have been in office for considerably longer than was originally planned. There have been some suggestions that the minister of the interior in the interim cabinet, Martin Pecina, could stand for the Social Democrats. They and the county’s other main party the Civic Democrats agreed on the make-up of what was billed as a caretaker government of technocrats. It took office last May after the fall of the previous Civic Democrat-led cabinet and was due to guide the country until snap elections in October. However, a legal challenge led to Mr Fischer’s government staying in power until this coming spring, when the lower house’s four-year term comes to an end.