Demonstrations and cultural events planned for November 17

Numerous demonstrations, as well as cultural events, will be held this Friday on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, which led to the fall of communism in Czechoslovakia, and 78 years the brutal oppression of Czech students by the Nazis in 1939.

On the day, the Czech police will be expected to keep ultra-right and leftist extremists from clashing. Prague Municipal Police spokesman Tomáš Hulan said the details of concrete measures would be revealed over the next several days. On Friday, right-wing extremists are planning a march on Prague’s Narodní třída, where in 1989 the police moved against student protestors, sparking the Velvet Revolution.

A cultural event celebrating democracy and freedom will feature music by Jiří Schmitzer, Laco Deczi and the band Zrní.