Czechs to debate post-“hard Brexit” extension of same rights to Brits as EU citizens

The Czech government will reportedly consider a draft law guaranteeing Britons living in the Czech Republic the same rights enjoyed by EU citizens in the event of a so-called “hard Brexit”, up until the end of 2020.

According to the news agency ČTK, the draft law is based on a Ministry of Interior proposal, due to be discussed on Monday.

As it now stands, if the United Kingdom leaves the EU without an agreement, British citizens would lose free access to the Czech labour market, as well as the public health and social benefits systems.

The draft law aims to ensure legal certainty after the UK leaves the EU in order to avoid serious complications for both British citizens in the Czech Republic and the relevant Czech authorities, ČTK cites the Interior Ministry proposal as saying.

The Czech Republic would want a reciprocal arrangement – in the form of a post-Brexit transition period – from the British government.