Czechoslovak dissidents protest misuse of former StB files, comments

A series of former Czechoslovak dissidents have criticized the use of former communist era secret police files and comments from former agents to discredit current politicians.

In recent days, British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has been the target of press attacks for reported meetings with a former Czechoslovak secret policeman using diplomatic cover.

The petition by a group of former Charter 77 activists, including former Czech prime minister Petr Pithart, František Bublan and Petr Uhl, said the former secret service files and comments from former agents should not be used to affect political events in other countries.

The Czech and Slovak StB archives show Corbyn met with a Czechoslavak agent three times but did not give any specific information and was not recruited as an agent.

But the British media attacks on the Labour leader have continued fuelled by comments from the former communist police agent.