Czech Republic loses 1:0 to Spain in opening Euro 2016 encounter

13-06-2016 updated

In football, the Czech Republic lost 1:O to Spain in the opening match of the Euro 2016 competition. The goal was scored by Pique in the 87th minute after intense pressure. The Czechs had a chance to equalize in the closing minutes with a shot from Vladimír Darida. Czech manager Pavel Vrba had named the Czech team he is seeking to field against Spain in the Euro 2016 group match on Monday afternoon. The names contain few surprises apart from the fact that Tomáš Necid is preferred as striker to start the game in preference to David Lafata. Necid performed well in the second half of the pre-tournament warm up game against Russia, setting up one goal for Tomáš Rosický and scoring himself in the closing minutes.