Czech PM says EU should tackle human traffickers and root emigration problems


Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said Wednesday that the Czech Republic will push for the EU to clamp down on human traffickers and deal with problems in emigrants’ home countries at a special meeting Thursday to debate the immigration crisis facing Europe. Sobotka said EU foreign policy should also seek as a priority to tackle the problems in Libya, where national government has broken down amid a power battle between rival groups. The Czech prime minister said Prague is broadly in accord with the 10 point programme drawn up after a meeting of EU foreign and interior ministers on Monday. He stressed however that Prague is opposed to national quotas for sharing out immigrants who arrive in the EU. Such a share out would likely increase the number of immigrants which the landlocked Czech Republic would be forced to take in. At the moment the country is mainly on transit routes and not a target for the large flow of immigrants landing in such frontline countries as Italy.