Czech parliamentary committee to be shown Stork’s Nest fraud report

Members of the lower house of parliament’s immunity committee should be given access to the full fraud report of the European Commission into the so-called Stork’s Nest affair on Friday.

Top 09’s parliamentary group leader, Miroslav Kalousek, gave the news on Thursday. He added that this did not mean that the report could be made public.

The Ministry of Finance earlier Thursday released the summary of the report by the EU anti-fraud unit, OLAF, which called for the near 50 million crowns of European funding for the recreation and hotel complex connected with Czech prime minister Andrej Babiš to be withdrawn.

Babis, fellow ANO top party boss, Jaroslav Faltýnek, and nine others face criminal proceedings over suspected fraud. Police have launched criminal proceedings but the lower house must lift the immunity of Babiš and Faltýnek for them to proceed against them. The two deny any wrongdoing.