Czech military prepared for "provocations" during US convoy transfer


The Czech military has singled out areas in the country which could see "provocations" or protests during a US convoy transfer at the end of March. The almost 120 vehicle strong convoy, returning from a NATO exercise called Operation Atlantic Resolve in the Baltic states, will travel through six countries to a military base in Germany. The deputy chief of staff of the Czech armed forces, Frantíšek Maliněnský, indicated that the army was ready for potential protests. Defence Minister Martin Stropnický has expressed embarrassment over the wave of opposition to the planned transfer, expressed, for example, by Communist Party legislators. The NATO exercise in the Baltic states was to show unity and commitment to security to reassure NATO members increasingly nervous over Russia's intervention in Ukraine. The convoy in the Czech Republic will follow three separate routes before regrouping in an outer Prague district and heading to Plzeň and the Czech-German border.