Czech MEP says Tymoshenko not getting medical attention


The jailed former prime minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko failed to receive adequate medical care in prison and her condition is serious, Czech MEP Zuzana Roitova told the CTK news agency by phone from Kiev on Tuesday. MEP Roitova, a former Czech health minister, was sent to Kiev to prepare a report on Yulia Tymoshenko’s condition for the European Parliament. Ms. Roitova said she had been allowed to study the opposition leader’s medical records, though was not allowed to meet with her in person. The MEP said that the medical records clearly show that the findings in the area of the lumbar spine are so serious that a decision should have been made on possible surgery. She said that instead of treating her the prison authorities had taken away Tymoshenko’s crutches, halted administering pain-killers and subjected her to long sessions of interrogation. Roitova also noted that she considers substantiated her family’s fears she was being exposed to toxic substances in order to make her fold under pressure.