Czech government orders borders closed

13-03-2020 updated

The Czech government has declared an unprecedented ban on travel in connection with the coronavirus epidemic.

Czechs and foreign nationals with permanent or long-term residence (90 days) in the Czech Republic will not be allowed to leave the country. Foreigners will not be able to enter the country for the duration of the 30-day state of emergency declared on March 12th.

The ban will not effect cross-border workers, truck and bus drivers, pilots and emergency services employees.

The ban will come into force oat midnight on Sunday.

Czechs abroad will be allowed to return home but those returning from "high-risk" countries will be quarantined for 14 days.

According to the country’s mobile operators there are currently 205,000 Czechs abroad out of which 196,000 are in Europe.

The “high risk” states are: China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Denmark and France.