Czech government not to comply with call of EC to revise national Romany inclusion strategy


The Czech government will not comply with the European Commission’s call to revise its national strategy on inclusion of Romany citizens, the environment minister, who was filling in for Prime Minister Petr Nečas, announced in the Senate on Thursday. The Senate backed the government’s stance that its Concept for Romany Integration for the years 2010-2013 already included the demands made by the European Commission, such as improving access to education for Romany children, increasing the minority’s employment opportunities and furnishing better housing conditions for the community. The Czech Senate does not consider a joint strategy of all EU member countries an efficient solution to the current situation of the union’s Romany community. Senator Jaroslav Kubera said that while Romanies had the same opportunities as everyone else in this country, they did not know how to take advantage of them, a fact that he says they can only partially be blamed for.