Czech foreign trade surplus down by CZK 8.2bn y/y in May

The Czech external trade balance in goods ended in a surplus of 6.9 billion crowns in May, down 8.2 billion crowns in annual terms, according to preliminary data published by the Czech Statistical Office on Monday.

Year−on−year, the total balance was unfavourably influenced mainly by a decrease of surplus in 'motor vehicles' and a larger deficit in 'coke and refined petroleum products', 'other transport equipment' and 'chemicals and chemical products'. A lower deficit in 'computer, electronic and optical products' had the main positive effect on the total trade balance.

From January to May, the trade balance surplus reached 80.9 billion crowns, a decrease of 13.2 billion crowns in annual terms. From the start of 2018, exports decreased by 2.6% year-on-year and imports increased by 0.6%.