Czech archives cited in reports of Labour leader’s meeting with ‘spy’

Czech communist era secret police archives have been cited in British press reports about reported meetings between Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and a Czechoslovak spy during the 1980s.

The tabloid The Sun said Corbyn met with a spy using diplomatic cover at least three times, twice at the House of Commons. Archive documents published by the paper appear to show he was sounded out about his views on National Liberation Movements, the Middle East and Persian Gulf and British and US attitudes towards the Soviet bloc. Corbyn’s comments were described as too general to be useful.

The StB officer used the codename Jan Dymič, which according to Slovak archives was the name for Jan Sarkocy, a Slovak StB agent who started working in London in May 1986 but returned to Czechoslovakia in 1989. A Labour party spokesman said that Corbyn did not knowingly meet with any spy and that no sensitive information had been given.