Counterintelligence says no evidence foreign agents working to influence Czech elections

The Czech counterintelligence service says it has no information indicating that foreign agents are working to influence the outcome of elections in the Czech Republic. The statement comes in response to a request from outgoing Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka for the intelligence services to address the issue, after one of the hot candidates in the presidential race, Jiří Drahoš, expressed concern that foreign agent and trolls were using disinformation campaigns to influence the outcome of elections in this country. In its October report the intelligence service BIS cited heightened activities in the country by Russian agents. Prime Minister Sobotka said the government was taking the possibility of such a threat very seriously.

Meanwhile, President Miloš Zeman who is running for re-election has dismissed these concerns saying that Jiří Drahoš is trying to draw attention to himself through conspiracy theories. Zeman said it was an insult to voters’ common sense to think they might be swayed by foreign propaganda.