Communist MPs protest plan to delay till 2021 taxing money paid to churches in restitution

A Communist proposal to tax churches on monies they received in line with a property restitution law enacted six years ago should come into effect on 1 January 2021 at the earliest.

This is the recommendation of the lower house of parliament’s Budget Committee, based on an amendment put forth by opposition MP Marek Benda (Civic Democrats), following a second reading.

The move also has the support of the ministries of finance and culture.

The Budget Committee voted against support for a proposal raised by another opposition MP, Dominik Feri (TOP 09), to reject the proposed tax outright.

Opponents of the Communist proposal argue that it is unconstitutional. However, the parties in the coalition government, ANO and the Social Democrats, have backed the proposal to tax restitution money paid in compensation for church property confiscated by the Communist regime.

The lower house could approve the draft at its next meeting due to begin on 22 January.