Chamber unexpectedly votes to hold one more session before dissolution


The lower house of the Czech Parliament has voted to hold one more session before its dissolution in two weeks’ time. A session on Tuesday had been expected to be the last of the current parliament. However, the Social Democrats pushed through a proposal for the house to meet again on Thursday next week, the day before a general election begins, in order to debate direct presidential elections and a presidential veto on a bill increasing the amount of agrofuel in petrol and diesel.

Tuesday’s session began with a moment’s silence in honour of ombudsman Otakar Motejl, who died on May 9. Two new deputies were sworn in: the Social Democrats Yvona Kubjátová replaced Miloslav Vlček, who quit over financial wrongdoing, and the Civic Democrats Klára Slámová replaced Daniel Reisiegl, who has joined the Supreme Audit Office. General elections are due in the Czech Republic on Friday and Saturday next week.