“Brno Death March” victims commemorated


A small group of people commemorated on Saturday the victims of the “Brno death march” during which hundreds of ethnic Germans died who had been expelled from the city at the end of May 1945, in the wake of WWII. Twelve people took part in the event, walking some 30 km along the route of the march to Pohořelice, towards the Austrian border. Organizers said rainy weather probably deterred more participants.

On May 30 and 31, 1945, some 20,000 Brno’s German-speaking citizens were rounded up by Czech paramilitaries and walked off to the border. Estimates on the number of victims vary between 1,600 and 10,000. This and several other outbursts of anti-German hatred preceded an organized and more humane expulsion of around three million ethnic Germans from Czechoslovakia.