British ambassador to Prague: Czech-British relations must remain strong


Relations between the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom must remain strong after Brexit, British ambassador to the Czech Republic Nick Archer said in an interview for the CTK news agency.

Mr. Archer said the British government was striving hard to agree on an acceptable Brexit deal with the European Union, but stressed that, even if the country left the EU with no deal, Czechs living in Britain would not be restricted in their present rights.

He said the UK had offered very generous provisions in the “Lex Brexit” law protecting the rights of Czechs and the citizens of other EU member states living in the UK.

Those offered by the Czech government to British nationals are slightly less generous, mainly as far as health care is concerned, and talks with the Czech government about this continue, Mr. Archer said.

The British ambassador to the Czech Republic said the embassy organizes regular meetings with British nationals living in the Czech Republic to inform them about the possible impacts of a no-deal Brexit.

The last one took place in mid-September and the next should be held in October.