Book World Prague opens at Holešovice fair grounds


Book World Prague, the 25th installment of the International Book Fair and Literary Festival, kicks off on Thursday at the Holešovice fairgrounds.

A total of 29 countries will be represented at the four-day fair and festival, which last year drew 46,000 visitors.

The focus this year is on Memory and Reminiscence while the guest of honour is a continent – Latin America. Nobel Prize-winning novelist Mario Vargas Llosa of Peru is among the high-profile guests set to attend.

The opening day programme includes presentation of the Anticena Skřipec, a booby prize presented by the Czech Literary Translators’ Guild for the worst translation of a work of fiction published in the previous year.

Among the major Latin American writers presenting their work are Bernardo Carvalho, Rodrigo Fresán, Álvaro Enrigue, David Unger, and Mariana Enríquez. The German Nobel Prize-winning author Herta Müller is also set to attend.