Babiš sues over StB claim in Slovak paper


The acting Czech prime minister, Andrej Babiš, is suing the publishers of a Slovak newspaper over an interview in which former StB man Ján Sarkocy said Mr. Babiš had knowingly collaborated with the communist-era secret police. The Slovak-born ANO leader is seeking EUR 1 million in damages from Nový Čas, which is the country’s best-selling daily. The Czech PM is also suing Mr. Sarkocy.

In January a Slovak court rejected an action taken by Mr. Babiš, who said he had been wrongly listed as an agent of the StB in the now archived files of the secret police.

Mr. Sarkocy – who is himself a former StB agent – made headlines earlier this year after claiming to have met the leader of the UK’s Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, while he was stationed at the Czechoslovak Embassy in London in the 1980s.