Agrofert found to be farming land illegally


The conglomerate Agrofert Holding, formerly owned by ANO leader Andrej Babiš, is farming 1700 hectares of land which does not belong to it and which it has not legally rented out, according to Czech Radio’s flagship news station Radiožurnal. Radiožurnal reported moreover that Agrofert was receiving EU grants on the land. According to lawyers this is a criminal offense.

When challenged to comment on the situation, Agrofert spokesperson Jan Pavlů did not deny the claim, saying the conglomerate was trying to straighten out the situation by tracing the rightful owners of the land.

Andrej Babiš built up the multi-billion crown farming and chemical conglomerate, but was forced to put it into a trust fund last year following the approval of a strict conflicts of interest law.