1968 Red Square protest against Czechoslovak invasion marked in Prague


A ‘happening’ dedicated to eight dissidents who on August 25, 1968, held a public protest on Moscow’s Red Square against the Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia was held in Prague on Saturday.

Eight modern activists recreated the events of half a century ago, including by bringing copies of the banners they held, such as one proclaiming “For your freedom and ours”, unfurled by Pavel Litvinov, whose grandfather Maxim Litvinov had been Stalin’s foreign minister in the 1930s.

Saturday’s action on Wenceslas Square was attended by Tatyana Baeva, along with Litvinov and Viktor Fajnberg, the last living participant in that 1968 demonstration.

Main organiser Zuzana Vaňková read out the names of all eight demonstrators and recalled the repression they suffered as a result. All received lengthy jail sentences or were locked up in psychiatric institutions.