An ostrich in the Czech Republic has just laid the biggest ostrich egg in the world! The woman who murdered a man because he criticized her hairdo and, the former Czech porn star Dolly Buster shovels manure in her promotion clip for the European elections campaign. Find out more in Magazine with Daniela Lazarova.

Ostrich egg, photo: CTKOstrich egg, photo: CTK Just how big is the biggest ostrich egg in the world? I can tell you exactly because it was just laid by an ostrich in the Czech Republic -at a farm in Doubravice, to be precise. I don't know what they do to keep ostriches happy there but the fact is that one ostrich rewarded its owner with an Olympic sized egg. It weighs 2, 4 kilograms -which is the equivalent of 35 hens' eggs. An average ostrich egg weighs 1,6 kilograms. There are now quite a few ostrich farms in the Czech Republic. Ostrich meat was introduced as a novelty on the Czech market a few years after borders opened-and farmers say they make a good business breeding ostriches. I don't know how well ostrich eggs sell throughout the year but they are greatly in demand at Easter - for specially decorated Easter eggs. A painted ostrich Easter egg can sell for as much as a thousand crowns.


PelicanPelican By the way, although Czechs have now got used to seeing ostriches around, the locals in the vicinity of Nymburk were amazed when they noticed a pelican sitting on a pole on the outskirts of town. Now pelicans really are an unexpected sight in this country- the only ones here live in captivity. The closest where you will find them living in the wild is Romania. But once in a few years the odd pelican will stray further afield - to see what life is like in this part of the world. This particular pelican stayed for three weeks during which time he made intensive efforts to court a local Mrs. Stork, attacking the stork nest with vigour. Her hubby kept close to home though and defended the nest successfully, eventually managing to drive the unwelcome suitor away - much to the disappointment of the locals who'd already made the pelican something of a local mascot and were immensely amused by the love battle going on over their heads. According to ornithologists a pelican in this part of the world has no trouble at all surviving "in the wild" and most find their way back home after getting their fill of tourism.


Dolly Buster, photo: CTKDolly Buster, photo: CTK One of the most visible candidates in the upcoming Euro elections is without a doubt the former porn star Dolly Buster. In a TV advertisement spot she has just finished shooting Mz. Buster is featured with a cow, a pig and a billy goat and ends up shovelling manure. The cow, which Dolly Buster pretends to milk, is supposed to symbolize the government milking its citizens to the last drop, she talks to the pig about the dirt in politics and when seen with the goat she mentions something about "making a billy goat the head gardener" which is a Czech saying about putting someone in charge of something they are likely to abuse for their own good. And finally the manure shovelling shot is an indication of what Mz Buster will do with the muck surrounding us.


Czech journalists had a field day on Monday, when they took part in a mock battle organized by the Czech Defence Ministry. The battle was conducted out in the open with the help of a lazer operated combat simulator the ministry recently acquired from the United States. The defense minister led an army of generals against the press, and although journalists all aimed to get the minister, he escaped without a scratch. Neither did he manage to hit anyone though, explaining that he hadn't held a rifle in seven years. Luckily, the generals saved the day and won the battle -if not the war. 11 out of 18 journalists were "killed", four generals went down and the minister also lost his right hand man - deputy defence minister Martin Belcik. The journalists later claimed they'd been at a disadvantage - because unlike the generals who were up on a hill, they had had to crawl through grassland for several hundred metres. "I was so tired by the time we got to the place from where we wanted to attack - I just shot at anything that moved to get it over with" said Lenka Petrasova, a young female journalist from a popular Czech daily. Well, maybe the Defence Ministry wanted to get back at them for all the critical articles they ever wrote about the ministry.


You know how your wife or girlfriend asks you "How do I look, darling?" Well, I am sure you have all the right answers -but just in case there are some misguided men still out there I have an important piece of advice for you. The correct answer is always "Smashing" or any other appropriate synonym. The reason I'm telling you is that this standard reply may save your life one day. A Czech woman was sentenced to 12 years in prison this week for killing a man who criticized her hairdo. The man, whom she'd been living with for some time, allegedly pointed out her roots needed retouching and he head was a mess! She stabbed him in the chest 13 times.


Getting married? Then there's an exhibition now open which may be of interest to you - an exhibition of wedding dresses at the Rajec Chateau in the Blanensko region. The 18th century chateau presents a perfect background for the exhibited dresses - dozens of them both in contemporary and retro style. Some of the dresses were made at the beginning of the 20th century. They are all displayed with matching handbags, shoes, veils, jewellery and bridal bouquets. Some of the dresses are made of hand painted silk. And if you not ready to tie the knot - the chateau also offers a fine gallery and attractive parkland.


Every year Czech environment groups award an anti-prize - the so called Oil-Guzzler award -a title based on a student Oscar winning movie about tiny creatures who emerged from the pollution of today's world and guzzled oil and exhaust fumes to stay alive. This year's Oil Guzzler was awarded to the former transport minister Jaromir Schling for his much repeated proposal to scrap the Ministry of the Environment.


Three brands of Czech beer won the gold, silver and bronze medals in the Czech style Pilsner category at this year's World Beer Cup in Germany. Velkopopovicky Kozel, Kozel and Radegast Original competed with 21 other brews in this category. The competition, which is organized by the US founded Association of Brewers, has been held once every two years since 1996. The overall winner of this year's World Beer Cup was the US Miller Brewing Company which got seven medals. The Association of Brewers was set up in Colorado in 1978 to "uphold beer culture and transparency in competition".


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