Hungarian scientists develop world-first 'organic antibiotic'


Hungarian scientists have developed a natural substance from wheat germ that reinforces the immune system of an animal, increases meat production and even improves the health of animals. As the EU is soon to ban the use of antibiotics for animals destined for human consumption, research has been going for years to find a natural replacement. Sandor Laczko of Radio Budapest discussed worldwide importance of this invention with one of the researchers, Péter Horn

"Researcher are currently seeking new types of environment friendly substances which can replace antibiotics and this new compound comes from wheat. It combines very many useful effects of antibiotics- especially in how they change the physiology of the farm animals. One very distinct effect is the improvement of the immune system. And the second is the very beneficial change in the digestive tract - digestion is much better and food utilized much more - and these two affects have a very beneficial influence on growth and on food conversion, on the health of the animals -. As well as all the other parameters, which are directly or indirectly correlated with these."

In what animals has this preparation been tested?

"It has been already tested in so-called farm condition and once we saw its beneficial affects, then an intensive research was launched to test and verify how this compound acts within the animal itself. And on what lines and pathways the beneficial affects came down. It is very important to have a better understanding of how it works so that we can explain to the farmer also"

In the European Union, what is the market potential for this preparation?

"The market is probably very large and especially when its beneficial affects are known compared to other products - this will definitely increase potential outside markets."

Has this product been compared to other similar types of preparations?

"I think this is the next Step. First of all we want to test its effectiveness compared to the traditional treatments combinations, which are currently being used, and this is a major point that we can demonstrate first at home. If it works in Hungary then it'll probably work in the same way in other countries."