Insight Central Europe News


Slovak President Rudolf Schuster has vetoed his country's Abortion Act amendment. The act aims to defend the existing right to have an abortion until the 24th week of pregnancy if a foetus has a genetic disorder.

Hungary has requested the extradition from Austria of a broker suspected of large-scale fraud. Attila Kulcsar, is suspected of having embezzled tens of millions of euros from clients. He was arrested in Vienna last week.

Investigations are underway in Austria into the death of an African man. The man, from Mauritania, died at an African exhibition in Vienna on 15 July. An amateur video from the scene showed medics and a policewoman kneeling and standing on top of the man - who was allegedly involved in a brawl.

The lower house of the Czech parliament has supported the government-proposed public finance reform package in the first reading. The reforms, aim to reduce the state budget deficit to 4% of gross domestic product by 2006.

The Irish Prime Minster has paid a visit to Slovenia. Bertie Aheran is currently visiting future and current EU states - before Ireland takes over the presidency of the EU next year.

And a polish artist has been convicted of offending religious feeling with a collage of a large steel cross with a photograph of male genitalia. Dorota Nieznalska has been given was sentenced to 120 hours of community service.