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The Czech government has recalled its ambassador to Kuwait for publicly criticizing the planned closure of a Czech military hospital in Iraq. Jana Hybaskova is quoted as saying the pullout of the Czech field hospital from Basra was due to lack of political will to keep the facility going.

Meanwhile, the Polish cabinet has asked the president to extend the deployment of some 2,400 troops in Iraq until June. The Polish mission who commands the multinational force in south central Iraq is authorized until the end this year.

Slovak prosecutors have charged a member of parliament with taking a bribe. Gabriel Karlin, a deputy for the opposition HZDS party, is said to have accepted a bribe in return for a building contract. He denies the charges.

It's been a week of football in Hungary - where fans have been celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 6-3 win at Wembley by the Hungarian "golden team" over the English football squad. Hungary was the first to defeat England on home ground.