Insight Central Europe News


The United States is seeking to train up to 28,000 Iraqi police officers at a military base in Hungary. The U.S wants to use the Taszar Air Base in south-central Hungary that was used to train Iraqi exiles prior to the war in Iraq.

Police in the Czech republic have arrested a man suspected of threatening to poison water supplies in the country's capital. The 29-year-old man is said to have confessed to threatening to use cyanide to poison Prague's water unless he was paid 15,000 euros.

Thousands of Polish miners have been demonstrating against proposals to close four collieries. Poland's government is planning sharp cuts in coal production and wants to layoff more than 25,000 workers.

Slovenia's foreign minister has said his country, will help Serbia and Montenegro in its efforts to join the European Union. Dimitrij Rupel was speaking after talks with his Serbian counterpart in Belgrade.

And Slovakia's economy minister, Robert Nemcsics, has announced his resignation. His party, the New Citizen's Alliance, has been pressuring Nemcsics to step down since he publicly criticized the party leadership.