Insight Central Europe News


The Czech Republic has been holding it's referendum on E.U. membership. The referendum is the first ever to be held in the country, but has no minimum turn-out requirement to validate the vote.

Poland's finance minister Grzegorz Kolodko has resigned in a row over the reform of public finances. His resignation is said to have been prompted by the prime minister's decision to shift control of overall economic policy to economy minister Jerzy Hausner.

6 greenpeace activists were arrested in Hungary after staging a demonstration at the Paks nuclear power station. Greenpeace says 3 of the activists were injured after being beaten by police.

Austria's parliament has approved a reform of the country's pension system. The passage of the bill follows weeks of trade union strike action.

The Slovak government plans to raise the country' retirement age for men by two years. Slovak men currently only work until 60.