2011 - 94th Segment: “Midnight”

In this series we present 100 songs which have gone down in the history of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic. On Czech Radio’s web pages you can find a poll, in which you can vote for the best hit from the past century. We continue with the year 2011.

On March 31st, the Czech fifty crown banknote was taken out of circulation.
On May 28th, the demolition of the Štvanice Stadium in Prague commenced.
On July 2nd, Petra Kvitová won the Wimbledon Championship.
On December 18th, Václav Havel passed away.

Photo: Czech TelevisionPhoto: Czech Television Singer and lyricist Jaromír Švejdík from Jeseník wrote a number of songs for the band Priessnitz over a twenty year time span. None of them received the same response as the song Půlnoční or “Midnight.” Jaromír Švejdík, who uses the pseudonym Jaromír 99, co-authored the comic book and film “Alois Nebel.” The song “Midnight” was used in the film, which greatly increased its popularity. As sometimes happens it hit the right note with all generations, even though it was initially meant to be just another campfire song.

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