Year of Rooster takes flight


Chinese opera singer Feng-Jun Song and her band Mountain Caravan greeted the Chinese New Year at Prague's Archa theatre, which has been celebrating the event for the last four years. Musical artists ranging from opera singers to jazz musicians came together to give a colourful performance and welcome the Year of the Rooster.

Photo: CTKPhoto: CTK Chinese opera singer and long time Czech resident, Feng-Jun Song played a central role in bringing Chinese New Year's celebrations to Prague.

"The celebration of a New Year, Chinese New Year or European New Year, is a celebration of life, people want to celebrate their life. They want to live by their heart. That's want I want to make the Chinese New Year here. I am a musician, I am a singer, so my way of celebrating is through music."

"Today is the fourth time of musical celebrations of the Chinese New Year. Every time, we have wonderful musicians here, Czech musicians, each musician has a different genre, but it doesn't matter, we meet here to make music without borders."

The concert certainly did not disappoint the audience:

"It's the first time I am at such an event and so it is very interesting. I am really happy that I can be here and for my ear it is a very lovely sound"

In addition to the beautiful sounds of Feng-Jun Song and her band Mountain Caravan, a major highlight of the evening was the oriental singing of Czech rock musician Karel Herman.