Views from a polling station in Prague


Before polls closed in the European Union referendum at two on Saturday afternoon, we visited a polling station on Prague's Bulharska Street to find out how people had been voting and what they expected EU membership would mean for them.

Photo: CTKPhoto: CTK Can you tell us which way you voted today?

Woman 1: "Yes, to enter the European Union. My husband is American and we think it's great to travel around. We have better opportunities to work, study."

Man 1: "For, for the Europe, I think it's a good idea or something like that, it seems to me."

Man 2: "I voted for our access to the European Community because from the long-term perspective I think it will be better for the country."

Man 3: "I voted No. Because I have now one year's study experience and I have seen Europe and I don't want to be a part of's quite bureaucratic. All the idea is quite shallow."

You don't think there are some good things about joining the EU?

Photo: CTKPhoto: CTK Man 3: "Well, I don't know, I think the negatives are bigger than the positives."

Do you have any fears about the Czech Republic joining the EU? Are there any negative things?

Woman 2: "Yeah, probably for old people it's going to be harder, agriculture, Czech agriculture."

How will it change your life, personally?

Man 4: "I can speak many foreign languages and I think also for my job it will be better in the future."

Man 5: "Maybe in the future when I would like to move and live, for example, in some country which has sea, so live on some seaside."