Strike over, Czech Public TV back to normal?


The appointment of Jiri Balvin as the new interim director of the country's public TV network - Czech Television - has brought to an end the much publicized battle over the station's future. TV journalists ended their six week strike on Saturday after signing an agreement in which the newly appointed director pledged to dismiss staff appointed by his controversial predecessor, Jiri Hodac.

Jiri BalvinJiri Balvin Mr Balvin also reinstated dozens of sacked journalists - thereby fulfilling their last demands. The six-week long crisis, which sparked the biggest street protests since the Velvet Revolution, divided not just politicians but the general public. Some said the striking journalists were breaking the law because they didn't like their boss; others said they were heroes who were putting their jobs on the line in order to defend the independence of public broadcasting. So how do the reporters themselves view the outcome of the crisis - a question earlier put to senior Czech TV reporter Zdenek Velisek.