Skoda at the Frankfurt car show


The Frankfurt car show opens this week and the car maker Skoda is there fighting for the limelight. The automaker which is celebrating its 100th birthday this year is now owned by Germany's VW and has regained the reputation for quality and affordable prices that it enjoyed before the Second World War. Daniela Lazarova spoke to Skoda representatives in Frankfurt earlier today to find out what Skoda is presenting at the auto-show. So Daniela what's Skoda unveiling?

"Well Rob, the Frankfurt show will see the public debut of the fastest road car Skoda has ever built - the Skoda Octavia vRS, which is available both as a hatchback and a wagon. The car is powered by a turbo engine with direct fuel injection that pushes it from zero to 62 mph in 7 seconds and can take it on to a top speed of 148 mph. I think Skoda is pretty confident about this latest Octavia model, but it is also following a new direction -where it's testing the ground really - with an open pick up version of the Yeti. This is a design study and Skoda is waiting for feedback there both from experts and the public."

We've heard about the Yeti before this, haven't we?

Yeti Roomster, photo: CTKYeti Roomster, photo: CTK "Indeed we have. The Yeti Roomster was unveiled at the Geneva auto show earlier this year and the interest was such that Skoda has decided to launch production sometime next year. The Roomster was tailored for the young generation - a car that would look "friendly and self confident" - to quote Skoda - and although part off-road would look convincing in an urban environment. Now the Yeti cabriolet is an open pick up version of the Yeti designed by Thomas Ingenlath. It looks modern, sporty and provides various alternatives of open air driving. Jaroslav Cerny, a Skoda representative unveiled the bright orange Yeti cabrio in Frankfurt earlier today and here's what he had to say about it."

"What's interesting about it is the variable roof system - a combination of hard top and soft top which provides various alternatives for open air driving."

How many doors?

"It is a five door car."

Who is it meant for?

"We do not have any special target group in mind. We are waiting to hear the response of the public and the media."