Person of the year


"George Bush. I think he has handled our crisis in the United States wonderfully."

"I think it should be President Bush. Because of his speeches and according to what he has done in the last four months. "

"The president of the United States. In this international situation I see a person who has done the best in light of the present political condition."

"George Bush."

The large majority of people we spoke to voted George W. Bush to be their person of the year. Politicians seem top on most people's list even when probed for a Czech personality people answered...

"In the Czech Republic and the whole world I would say it should be our president, Vaclav Havel. In my opinion he's a great personality- for me and the whole world."

"I like President Havel and so I think this year he has been a very important person."

"I'm a fan of Mr. Zeman. The only thing I can criticize him for is some of his less polished statements. If he spoke like Klaus and acted like Zeman, then Zeman would be the number one man."

"Can I say who I think is my anti-personality of the year? It's Minister Gregr, for the way he deals with the problems in our industry and economy."

On the topic of Anti personality- Minister Gregr tops this woman's list but Bin Ladin won overall...

"The person of the year is probably Osama bin Ladin because if you look at the magazines and the newspapers his is probably the picture that has been seen the most in the year 2001. So he is the person of the year as far as media goes."

"In the negative point of view- Osama bin Ladin."

"Osama bin Ladin."