Pavel Nedved's return to national team remains an open question


The Czech football star, Juventus midfielder and captain of the Czech National Team in Euro-2004, Pavel Nedved, is back in the Czech Republic for a few days. On Tuesday he displayed his skills to fans in an exhibition match and for many of his fans it was a unique chance to see their hero playing at home again.

Pavel Nedved, photo: CTKPavel Nedved, photo: CTK Pavel Nedved had rather disappointed Czech fans by deciding to quit the national team after European Championship last year. But most of his Czech fans now hope his decision is not definite and that he might change his mind before the coming World Cup in Germany next year.

Pavel Nedved, photo: CTKPavel Nedved, photo: CTK After Tuesday's exhibition match, Pavel Nedved declined to make any clear statement regarding this issue.

"At the moment I'm not considering to return to the national team. I don't want to comment on that. Right now I'm leaving on holiday where I'd like to think over many things. Juventus offered to extend my contract for two more years - which is quite a long time. So I've got a couple of things to think over and I'll see."

Pavel Nedved is expected to return to Juventus on July 11th. The crucial point for Nedved's decisions whether or not to rejoin the national squad will probably be his expected meeting with the coach of the team Karel Bruckner. Observers seem to be quite optimistic; some journalists even speculate that he might even show up for the "friendly" in Sweden this August.