New book on Roma minority aims to foster greater understanding


A new book about the history, culture and contemporary plight of the Czech Republic's large Roma minority has just hit the bookshelves.

Photograph from Life in Black and WhitePhotograph from Life in Black and White With the support of the Irish government, the book - called "Life in Black and White" - was published by the Olga Havlova Foundation, named after the late wife of President Vaclav Havel. Dr Milena Cerna is the foundation's director:

So much for the main idea behind the book. But how was it put together?
So far 2,000 copies of "Life in Black and White" have been published - 500 of them in English. Currently the book's main outlet has been to schools and libraries, but the Olga Havlova Foundation plans a wider print run for general release in the bookstores.