Luxury items fair features diamonds, performance cars, top interior design


In the Czech Republic there is no other fair like it: mmotion, now in its fifth year, highlighting luxury items, everything from diamonds to interior design to performance cars. Over four days, the fair is first open to invited guests – and then to members of the general public to view the best technology and design that money can buy.

A little earlier I spoke to the fair’s director Adam Weber, asking him how about some of the things featured in this year’s show.

“Besides cars and motorcycles we have a number of helicopters as well as all kinds of items and services on offer. Diamonds, retail homes, and luxury furniture. There is even a three million crown wedding dress on sale, but also luxury versions of items people use day-to-day.”

Objects featured can be bought by anyone with deep enough pockets, so if owning your own helicopter sounds right for you, you may want to visit. But even if you’re not in the market for a luxury item, says Adam Weber, one can always’ dream. Plus, there are services featured which have not been on offer before.

“This year’s show features a section on cosmetic plastic surgery – something which has never been presented here before: studies, clinics, as well as specialists, common at fairs in other parts of the world, Dubai or the US, but not here.”

Even a millionaire’s fair, though, cannot be unaffected by the global economic downturn and Adam Weber admitted that this year’s mmotion too had felt an effect.

“It’s true that the millionaires’ fair was a little bit affected: some of the items are a little more affordable versions of models than were displayed before. The market, of course, for these items is still fairly small in the Czech Republic.”