Former Miss - and one-off centrefold - wins her day in court


Four years ago it was tears of joy for Czech model Diana Kobzanova as she was crowned Miss Czech Republic for 2001. But, the idyll didn't last long: in 2003 Ms Kobzanova, whose life and sweetheart, have since become a staple in the Czech weekly tabloids, posed for a pornographic magazine for 750,000 crowns, the equivalent of around 30,000 US dollars. As a result she lost her title and, until this week, faced a lawsuit by organisers who claimed she had damaged the competition's good name.

Milos Zapletal, photo: CTKMilos Zapletal, photo: CTK Scarcely a day goes by in the world of tabloid without a mention of Diana Kobzanova - the Czech model who went from beauty queen to the pages of an erotic magazine and back again. If anything her daring photos boosted her career, and ever since the willowy model has been a regular staple on the pages of Czech tabloids like Blesk or weeklies like Spy, interested in her clothes, her hair, her boyfriend, and of course, her breast implants. For many fans and observers she is a "natural" in the spotlight, and generally her career has been viewed in a positive light.

Diana Kobzanova, photo: www.czech-tv.czDiana Kobzanova, photo: But, that didn't prevent Ms Kobzanova from ending up in court: the president of Miss Czech Republic, Miloslav Zapletal, had hoped to win 750,000 crowns in damages, to be put up for charity: he said the model had breached her agreement by posing nude for a porn magazine and wanted satisfaction. But, he didn't get it. On Monday the court ruled in Ms Kobzanova's favour, saying she had done nothing to damage the competition's name.

Now the tall blonde can breathe a sigh of relief.

The dailies write that Kobzanova - not present at the courthouse - greeted the verdict with tears and then a shot of slivovice - Czech plum brandy. Asked if she would bare all again, she made it clear that wasn't likely. She told Blesk that posing for the photos cost her both time and nerves: once was more than enough.