Czechs honour legend of Jan Hus


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Jan HusJan Hus Friday, July 6th is a national holiday in the Czech Republic in commemoration of 14th century Czech reformer priest Jan Hus. The Czech nation's John Wycliff, Hus was proclaimed a heretic by the Catholic Church and burnt at the stake in 1415. The man who waged a war against the greed and lust for power of those who professed to be God's disciples on Earth, died a martyr's death rather than recant his beliefs and his legacy was to have a major impact on Czech history.

Radio Prague has devoted a special programme to this national hero. You can hear about the life and times of Jan Hus in Czechs in History and then find out about Jan Hus' legacy to the present day. will talk to a priest of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church about its activities and mission into the 21st century.