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Jiri Havelka: "Every student of directing must create his own performance. I always wanted to make a play about the man who was the first to make films in the Czech republic and central Europe. He is called Jan Krizenecki, he was the first to buy a camera from Lumiere and he was the first person who made short movies. So I wanted to produce a play about him. I wrote a play based a novel by Adolf Branat, I didn't write exact sentences because I didn't want actors to just to say what I wrote. Instead I gave them an idea- like; the first scene will be about developing film and about discovering film and I want you (the actors) to find a way to make motions like those seen in old films."

Radio Prague: I didn't know that when I saw the play and I thought it was fantastic how you made so many different noises with the one prop such as benches etc.

JH: "My first idea was to have the whole play without any sentences. To have just body language telling the story. But, in the end only two scenes are how I wanted to have the whole play. The scene where they develop the film and gymnastics, sokol scene."

RP: So, do you think that now alternative theatre is more accepted than it was before? And do a lot of Czechs come and see your plays?

JH: "In Pan Nula I was afraid that an older audience would not accept my use of two screens to simulate a bed. But, I was surprised because even the old audience came to me after the show and to say it was perfect and that they understood everything. So I think that, after the Velvet Revolution, theatre is more free, the audience doesn't want such strict traditional theatre. It's more free in the audience's perception of the performance. But I don't know how far I can push it with this alternative."

RP: Could you tell me when are your next performances so some of our listeners can go to see them?

JH: "If you want to see the performance in studio Ypsilon which is called Amala and Prasak or Amala and Pig come on the 15th of November at 7:30pm. If you want to see Pan Nula, Mr. Zero, come to Disk which is the Academy of Theatre's theatre, on November 18th and 19th at 7:30 as well."