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Czech delegation joins EU constitution talks in Rome

Representatives of the 15 European Union member states and the ten accession countries started talks in Rome on Saturday which should result in the adoption of the European Union Constitution. The Czech delegation is headed by Czech Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla. Saturday's meeting is the official start of the negotiating process, known as an intergovernmental conference, to create a new treaty or constitution for the EU. The aim is to clarify who does what inside the EU and to ready the institutions to deal with a much larger union once 10 new members, including the Czech Republic, join the current 15 EU states next May.

Drunk driver blamed for deaths of three Czech police officers

Three police officers were killed in the North Moravian town of Cesky Tesin on Saturday in a traffic accident blamed on a drunk driver, a regional police spokeswoman said. The officers' squad car and a Mercedes collided on a Cesky Tesin street at about 3 a.m. The 30-year-old Mercedes driver and a woman passenger were seriously injured, but another passenger escaped unhurt. According to the police spokeswoman the Mercedes driver was found to have a blood-alcohol ratio of 1.97. The Czech Republic has a zero-tolerance law against drinking and driving. Interior Minister Stanislav Gross described the fatal accident as an "outrageous end" to the week-long nationwide police operation code named "Krystof" which was meant to increase road security in the Czech Republic.

German tourist dies in collision between minibus and train

A train-minibus collision near the Czech Republic's scenic Cesky Raj, or Czech Paradise, nature preserve killed a German tourist and injured three others on Saturday. The slow-moving local train struck the rear section of the German tour company's minibus as the driver crossed the tracks, which were not equipped with warning gates. The German vehicle with 26 passengers apparently did not give right of way to the train but police are still investigating the cause of the accident.

Senior police officer suspected of hindering investigation released

A senior police officer in the west Bohemian town of Karlovy Vary, who was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of hindering an investigation into a post office robbery, supposedly committed by his subordinate, has been released. Chief investigator Miroslav Rousal, who allegedly influenced witnesses in the case, has been charged with obstruction of justice. State Attorney Libor Rericha said he had asked for Mr Rousal to be taken into custody, but he did not know why the court had decided to release him.


Sunday should be partly cloudy with rain and daytime temperatures should not exceed 13 degrees Celsius.