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US and Czech cases against Kozeny could clash

Czech justice officials have expressed concern that the US case against Viktor Kozeny could hurt their efforts to bring him to trial in the Czech Republic. Kozeny, known as "the Pirate of Prague" was indicted in a New York City court on Thursday. He is alleged to have cheated US investors out of 182 million dollars in an Azerbajdzani oil scheme and the US authorities have vowed to bring him to justice. Kozeny, who switched from Czech to Irish citizenship several years ago and now lives in the Bahamas, is wanted in the Czech Republic for draining more than 400 million dollars from hundreds of thousands of small investors. In July, prosecutors and the Czech anti-corruption office stepped up their efforts to extradite Kozeny from the Bahamas by charging him as a criminal fugitive on an international warrant.

Havel hot candidate for Nobel Peace Prize

The former Czech president Vaclav Havel is among the three hot candidates for the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize, along with Brazilian President Lula da Silva and Pope John Paul II. A record number of 140 individuals and 25 organizations were nominated for the prize this year. The Nobel Committee has already decided on the winner but the name will remain secret until its official disclose on October 10th.

Senior police officer arrested

A senior police officer in the west Bohemian town of Karlovy Vary has been arrested on suspicion of hindering an investigation into a post office robbery, supposedly committed by his subordinate. Chief investigator Miroslav Rousal, who allegedly influenced witnesses in the case, has been charged with obstruction of justice. State Attorney Libor Rericha said he had asked for Rousal to be taken into custody, but would give no further details.

Alcohol banned in parliament buffet

The Speaker of the Lower House Lubomir Zaoralek has banned the sale of alcohol in the Parliament buffet amidst a scandal over alleged heavy drinking on the premises. The move came several days after one of the deputies got so drunk he was unable to attend a crucial Parliament session. The scandal has sparked a widespread debate on how much alcohol is consumed on the premises and whether it should be sold there at all. Some deputies and parliament employees say that the ban at the buffet does not solve anything since deputies can continue to drink in their offices or in one of Parliament's restaurants.


A cold front moving in from the west is expected to make the weekend a fairly cold and wet one. Saturday should bring cloudy to overcast skies with scattered showers and day temperatures between 13 and 19 degrees Celsius. Temperatures on Sunday will drop to between 9 and 13 degrees.