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Czech police searching for thousands of stolen ammunition cartridges

Police in Moravia have launched an investigation into the theft of 52,000 ammunition cartridges, which were stolen from a warehouse owned by a private company. The theft was reported on Saturday afternoon after two boxes of ammunition were found by a passer-by near the warehouse. The police found another eleven boxes of ammunition on Monday. The ammunition is used in the Luger handgun, used not just by private gun-owners but also by the police and the army.

Austria's opposition criticises Schuessel on Temelin

Austrian opposition parties have accused Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel and Foreign Minister Benita Ferrero-Waldner of not lobbying hard enough for the interests of Austria during the EU summit in Copenhagen. Referring to the EU's refusal to have a relevant clause on the Temelin nuclear power plant included in the Czech Republic's EU membership agreement, the Deputy Leader of the Green Party, Eva Glawischnig said on Monday that Mr Schuessel had "led Austrians up the garden path". She added that the Austrian strategy had "utterly failed" as Chancellor Schuessel's conservative People's Party had always claimed that a bilateral accord with the Czech Republic on safety at the South Bohemian nuclear power station would be subject to European Court jurisdiction once the Czechs joined the EU.

Aero Vodochody to sell L-159 jets to Kenya

The Czech aircraft manufacturer Aero Vodochody said on Monday it would most likely begin selling its L-159 light fighter jets to Kenya early next year. Aero Vodochody currently has an order for 72 L-159s from the Czech air force. Kenya would be the first foreign customer to buy the aircraft. Aero Vodochody is currently in talks with India regarding the sale of 66 L-159 jets but is competing with the British company BAE Systems' Hawk jets. Aero Vodochody also hopes to enter in deals with Greece, the Philippines, and Indonesia who have all shown interest in the purchase of the L-159 fighter jets.

Czech teachers put hope in new trade union

As of this Monday, Czech teachers are represented by a new trade union called the Teachers' Trade Union Club. According to its founder Radek Sarkozi, it will be competing with an already existing trade union in order to increase the chances of teachers' interests being promoted. Among the goals of the new trade unions are increasing teacher's starting salaries to 15,000 Czech crowns, which is a little under 500 US dollars, and exerting pressure on the Czech government and Education Ministry to keep its promise of teachers' average salaries equalling 130 percent of the average wage.

Chinese refugees detained at Czech-Slovak border

Some 30 refugees from China were detained by the Czech police on Monday morning after having crossed the border from Slovakia illegally. According to a police spokesman, the illegal immigrants were caught thanks to their footprints, which were clearly visible in the early morning snow. The refugees, who were all between the ages of twenty and thirty, are now in the custody of the Slovak police.

Poll: Social Democrats most popular in the country

A public opinion poll conducted by the STEM agency this month suggests that the senior government coalition party, the Social Democratic Party has become the most popular party in the country. Supported by 27.2 percent of Czechs, its support has increased by one percent since than last month. On the other hand, the opposition right-of-centre Civic Democrats who had been enjoying rising support for several months saw a three-percent fall in voter support with 25.6 percent. The Communist Party remained third but recorded a slight increase of 1.5 percent to 14.6 percent.


Tuesday is expected to have overcast skies with occasional snow in the higher areas and scattered sleet in the lower areas of the country. Day-time temperatures will range between 0 and 4 degrees Celsius.