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News about cooperation with Chinese companies is false, says Chinese Embassy

The Chinese Embassy's press spokesman says that information about its cooperation with companies is "completely unfounded and fictional, spreading false alarm and slander that damages Chinese reputation". The statement was sent to media outlets in the country.

The statement was most likely made in response to a recent report by Czech Radio's Radiožurnál investigative team earlier this week, which quoted former Huawei employees. According to these anonymous sources the company collected sensitive data on its customers, which was then in some casses discussed at the Chinese Embassy.

Meteorologists extend heavy storms warning to Monday

Meteorologists have extended their warning of heavy storms on the whole territory of the Czech Republic until Monday, the Czech News Agency reports. These may be accompanied by torrential rain, hail and gusts of wind of up to 90 km / h. The approaching storms are likely to be at their most powerful during the afternoon and evening hours.

Meteorologists expect the south of the country to be hit the hardest on Saturday. In the north storms are expected on Sunday afternoon.

Czech Foreign Minister visits Afghanistan

The Czech Republic's Minister of Foreign Affairs Tomáš Petříček visited Afghanistan this week, two months before the country's presidential elections. The Social Democrat minister highlighted the need for further peace talks in the country after a meeting with the Asian state's government representatives. He also met with the Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic Abdullah Abdullah, who is one of the men currently running in the country's presidential elections.

The trip included a visit to Bagram Air Field, where Mr. Petříček met with Czech soldiers and praised their work.

Petra Kuříková wins silver at Triathlon European Championships

Czech athlete Petra Kuříková won the silver medal at the ETU Sprint Triathlon European Championships in Kazan on Saturday. Ms. Kuříková was only beaten by Julie Derron from Switzerland who came in first with 21 seconds to spare. Spain's Tamara Gómez Garrido came in third, 13 seconds behind the Czech.

Ms. Kuříková's second place finish is the best so far for the Czech Republic at the European sprint triathlon competition.

Prague plans to impose boat mooring restrictions

Prague is planning to ban the mooring of boats which do not fulfill the required emissions criteria, Prague City Hall spokesman Vít Hofman told the Czech News Agency on Saturday. Unlike cars, the engines on boats and ships are currently not subject to inspection. This despite the fact that many are powered by old engines which release large amounts of fumes.

According to Mr. Hoffman, it is not within the city's competency to regulate traffic on the Vltava, but it can choose which vessels are allowed to anchor on the river. Those boats and ships which do not fulfill the EU's Euro 5 emission rules, will therefore not be able to anchor on Prague's shores from January 1, 2021.


Rain across the whole of the Czech Republic is expected on Sunday, with frequent storms occuring in the east of the country. Temperatures will lie between 27 to 31 degrees Celsius.