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No party willing to enter Babiš government if Social Democrats walk out

If the Social Democrats decide to leave the government at a meeting of the party leadership on Monday, then no party in Parliament would be willing to enter into a coalition with Prime Minister Andrej Babiš’ ANO party, according to a survey conducted by Czech Radio.

The opposition Civic Democrats, TOP 09 and the Pirate Party said they would not, under any circumstances, support a cabinet headed by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, but his resignation might open the door to a cabinet reconstruction, thereby avoiding early elections.

The Freedom and Direct Democracy Party which has expressed readiness to support the Babiš cabinet on condition that its program priorities would be implemented also said it would not want to be represented in such a cabinet.

The Communist Party alone has refused to reveal its position.

EC: Czech firms expected to curb investments

Czech firms are expected to curb their investments this year, as a result of the workforce shortage, and the expected slowing of the German and Czech economies, according to a prediction released by the European Commission.

The Czech export-oriented economy is expected to feel the impact of an economic slowdown in Europe, particularly in its main export destination, Germany. Despite this the Commission predicts solid growth, driven mainly by household consumption.

Companies are expected to invest mainly into digitalization and automated technologies.

More Czechs digging their own wells

As a result of frequent summer droughts in recent years and increasing number of Czechs are requesting permission to dig or renew their own wells, the ctk news agency reports, citing local authorities.

For instance the city of Tabor, in south Bohemia, has received 88 such requests from the start of the year, compared to 47 in the same period last year; Kladno has received 47 requests whereas it had just one last year.

Moreover local authorities admit the number could be much higher because due to red tape the approval process takes months and many people have started digging wells without waiting for permission.

During extended periods of drought some towns have limited water consumption to 100 litres per day.

Czech pop idol Karel Gott turns 80

Czech pop idol Karel Gott turns 80 on Sunday. Over the course of his career, spanning over six decades, the Czech crooner sold over 50 million albums and collected over 40 Golden Nightingale Awards.

Although his discography covers various genres, including jazz, rock, and folk music, the Czech king of pop sung mainly about love with the most frequent words in his lyrics being “me”, “you” and “love”.

On the occasion of his 80th birthday Supraphon is releasing a collection of his greatest hits, including his very first recording from 1960.

Forejtek and Lehečka are boys’ doubles champions at Wimbledon

No.1 seeds from the Czech Republic Jonáš Forejtek and Jiří Lehečka are boys’ doubles champions at Wimbledon after beating Liam Draxl and Govind Nanda 7:5, 6:4.

It is the third time that an all-Czech juniors team has won a grand slam; on previous occasions it was Petr Korda and Cyril Suk at Roland Garros in 1985, and then again in January of this year when Jonáš Forejtek and Dalibor Svrčina won at the Australian Open.

Czech climber Adam Ondra clinches victory in Chamonix Climbing World Cup

Czech climber Adam Ondra dominated the men’s qualifiers of the Chamonix Lead Climbing World Cup 2019 on Saturday. Ondra bounced back after an elbow injury to clinch the only two tops, placing provisional first ahead of Alexander Megos and Romain Desgranges. The other Czech representative in the race, Martin Stráník, finished sixth.

Weather forecast

Monday should be partly cloudy to overcast with scattered showers and day temperatures between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius.