Cesky Sen


Some of you may recall a student hoax a year ago, when a few thousand people, lured by commercials advertising super low prices, flocked to a Prague suburb to attend the opening of a new hypermarket only to find a frontal facade of a building and no hypermarket behind it. A year after, a new film called Cesky Sen - Czech Dream - has come out telling the story of the two students from the Czech Film Academy - Filip Remunda and Vit Klusak - who first hired image experts to appear as top managers and then commissioned a leading advertising agency to organise a huge campaign for the opening of a new hypermarket named Czech Dream that would never exist. The advertising campaign included radio and television ads, 400 posters, 200,000 flyers with photos of fake Czech Dream products, a promotional song, an internet site, and ads in newspapers and magazines and was financed from a grant by the Czech Ministry of Culture.