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Roma request government representative

12-06-2012 16:19 | Christian Falvey

Photo: CTK Representatives of a new Roma civic association had their first audience with Prime Minister Petr Nečas on Monday. As the Roma community’s problems seem to be worsening the group is seeking other support from that government than investment, and have petitioned the prime minister for a Roma cabinet position with real authority to effect change.  More

Ombudsman says discrimination of Romany children in Czech education system persists

07-06-2012 16:11 | Daniela Lazarová

The Czech government has in the past few years repeatedly been criticized by international bodies for discrimination of Romany children in the Czech education system. Now the Ombudsman’s office has confirmed what the European Commission and the European Court of Human Rights have said all along – that the much criticized practice of sending Romany children to schools for children with learning, mental or physical disabilities persists on a broad scale.  More

ADRA Czech Republic celebrates its 20th anniversary

07-06-2012 15:04 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: ADRA The Adventist Development and Relief Agency ADRA is marking its 20th birthday in the Czech Republic. The Czech branch, set up in 1992, now provides aid both at home and abroad as well as organizing awareness-raising programs among primary school children. Dagmar Goldmannova, head of the Department for International Projects and Development Education, visited Radio Prague’s studio this week to talk about the agency’s achievements and plans for the future.  More

Students in survey perceive Roma to be biggest ‘problem’

05-06-2012 17:13 | Jan Velinger

A study conducted by the non-governmental organisation People in Need, together with Millward Brown, gauging how Czech secondary school students view Czech society and the world around them, has produced some worrying results. Along with the ‘usual’ dissatisfaction over issues such as poor governance (highlighted in a previous study in 2009) the majority of 1,100 students queried now perceived the number one issue as problems with the Roma minority – citing an alleged unwillingness on their part to work, improve in their studies and so on.  More

Selecting one’s surgeon is now possible for a set price

04-06-2012 15:55 | Daniela Lazarová

It’s a revolution in Czech health care: as of this month some Czech hospitals are enabling patients to be treated by the surgeon or specialist of their choice on condition that they are prepared to pay extra for his or her services. While the change has only legalized a practice that’s been around for years, critics say it smacks of discrimination.  More


02-06-2012 02:01 | Pavla Horáková

Jan Kaplický Today in Mailbox: Prague Writers' Festival, Czech and British journalism, listeners' mothly quiz. Listeners quoted: Mohamed Elsayed Abd Elraheim, Colin Law, Roger Tidy, Mary Lou Krenek, Jayanta Chakrabarty, Charles Konecny, Zara Modu, Ian Morrison, Paul Peacock.  More

Wellness specialist Monika Divišová: even small changes can make a big difference when it comes to improving health

02-06-2012 02:01 | Jan Velinger

Monika Divišová The Czech Republic has repeatedly fared among the worst countries in Europe when it comes to obesity – placing in the “top five” in past Eurostat statistics. According to specialists, many adults in the country need to pay a good deal more attention to what they eat to avoid serious health problems. In this week’s Czech Life I spoke to nutritionist and wellness professional Monika Divišová, who runs a wellness centre in Prague. The first thing I asked her was why – when it comes to weight - many Czechs are so poorly off.  More

Prague Food Festival brings together exotic and regional cuisines

31-05-2012 16:07 | Pavla Horáková

Over the past weekend, the Royal Gardens at Prague Castle remained closed to ordinary visitors as they hosted the annual Prague Food Festival – a celebration of good food and fine dining. In the course of three days around three dozen of the country’s best restaurants showcased their dishes, served at moderate prices to an appreciative public.  More

Dragon boats race for charity on the Vltava river

29-05-2012 16:33 | Olga Mullen

Photo: Olga Mullen Symbolically in the year of the Dragon, the third Dragon Boat Charity Challenge took place last Saturday on the Vltava river. The race is an annual event organized by Rotary Club Prague International as a fundraiser for charity.  More

Jindřich Šídlo – one of the country’s most prominent political journalists

28-05-2012 13:51 | Sarah Borufka

Jindřich Šídlo, photo: Hospodářské noviny/Martin Svozílek Jindřich Šídlo has been working as a journalist for two decades. It is safe to say that he has experienced most of the scandals, upheavals and milestones in recent Czech history. After a nine-year stint at the weekly Respekt, where he says he learned his craft, he worked for a variety of dailies as well as the public broadcaster Czech TV. Currently, Šídlo a political analyst at the daily Hospodářské noviny. In this two-part interview, we talk to him about what it is like to cover Czech politics for such a long time, if he ever gets tired of it, and what first spurred his interest in becoming a journalist.  More



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