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28-11-2009 02:01 | Daniela Lazarová

The Žižkov TV tower in Prague The Žižkov TV tower in Prague is rated the second ugliest construction in the world! Why do ČSA planes have two different logos? And, a bishop gets booed as he blesses a “stolen” statue. Find out more in Magazine with Daniela Lazarová.   More

Local version of MTV to arrive in Czech Republic this Sunday

27-11-2009 16:42 | Sarah Borufka

This Sunday, the Czech Republic will see the arrival of MTV Czech, a local version of the worldwide music network MTV. The channel will be operated by the international company CME. Its directors are confident MTV Czech will quickly become the most watched channel for viewers aged 15 through 24.   More

Swine flu perceived as bigger threat than previously thought

27-11-2009 16:42 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: CTK The H1N1 virus continues to spread through the Czech Republic with three regions now battling an epidemic. The Czech health authorities reported on Thursday that the death toll had risen to 8, with close to 800 cases registered. It has also become clear that the swine flu is a more serious threat than previously thought.   More

Luxury items fair features diamonds, performance cars, top interior design

27-11-2009 16:42 | Jan Velinger

Photo: In the Czech Republic there is no other fair like it: mmotion, now in its fifth year, highlighting luxury items, everything from diamonds to interior design to performance cars. Over four days, the fair is first open to invited guests – and then to members of the general public to view the best technology and design that money can buy.   More

A Czech shoe classic gets a makeover

26-11-2009 17:08 | Sarah Borufka

In 2007, Prague graphic design students Jan Kloss and Jakub Korouš updated the 1966 model of the classic Czech Botas sneaker for a school assignment. Little did they know that their chic version of the retro sneaker would be a huge hit. I recently met with the two young designers at their Žižkov studio.   More

The library can be sexy too, say naked students

26-11-2009 16:33 | Christian Falvey

Photo: Miroslav Pospíšil The concept of the library needs some spicing up, it seems. Too drab, too grey, too asexual, say student bookworms at Brno’s Masaryk University. So how to improve the situation? How about taking off the librarian’s clothes? Guerrilla Readers, an association whose primary aim is to promote reading, has printed a calendar to give some sex appeal to libraries in 2010.   More

New gluten-free beer arrives on Czech market

25-11-2009 16:29 | Sarah Borufka

Tomáš Hub, photo: A Czech micro-brewery in Ostrava is now producing gluten-free beer, a product that is bound to delight Czech sufferers of Celiac disease- a condition of intolerance to gluten, a protein found in most grains, and also in regular beer.   More

Czech health care 20 years on: better, more expensive and in need of serious reforms

24-11-2009 16:58 | Jan Richter

This month, Czechs celebrate 20 years since the Velvet Revolution that overthrew the communist regime in their country. The fall of communism changed practically all aspects of life, including health care. Radio Prague finds out about the improvement and challenges of the Czech health care system two decades after the fall of communism.   More

Czech Muslim organization invites controversial Dutch politician to screen anti-Islamic film

24-11-2009 16:00 | Sarah Borufka

Geert Wilders After the Czech Senate banned a planned appearance on its premises by the controversial far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders last week, the Czech Muslim organization Libertas Independent Agency on Monday surprised many by extending an invitation to him. The organization is offering to host a screening of Mr. Wilders anti-Islamic film Fitna and organize a debate on the subject.   More

PM expresses regret over Roma sterilization but activists say practice continues

24-11-2009 16:00 | Rob Cameron

Human rights campaigners won an important moral victory on Monday when the government of Jan Fischer expressed regret over the forced sterilization of women, almost all of them members of the country’s Roma minority. No reliable figures exist for the numbers of women sterilized, but what’s alarming is that according to human rights groups, the practice continues in isolated cases to this day.   More



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